In this first tutorial, Rich walks through an overview of the rig used in The Goblin Abyss. Built and developed in Maya, this overview highlights some of the areas that will be covered more completely in future tutorials. If you have ever wanted to learn rigging in Maya, this is the place to start.

In this second tutorial, Rich shows how to create the characters skeleton and align the joints correctly. This ensure that the base is ready for a rock solid rig.

In this installment, Rich goes over the skinning process and how to set weights. He explains the different options for smooth binding skin and mirroring weights.

In this video, (part 1 of a 2 part tutorial), Rich starts creating the spine rig. He shows the splineIK and how to create a stretchy joint chain.

The spine part 2.

In these videos, Rich walks us through making the leg rig for the goblin. Too much information to fit into one video!

The legs part 2.

In the next installment, Rich walks through the arm rig for the goblin character.

The arms part 2.

Rich walks us through finalizing the goblin rig and getting it ready for exporting. This final tutorial of the basic rig includes a custom downloadable script for exporting the rig.

Finishing up part 2.