Dev Blog 08

In this eighth video, Rich shows some of the new characters as well as the new atmospheric look to the game.

Dev Blog 07

After the long break, we are back to blogging with lots of new happenings in the Abyss. New map, new creatures, even an airship! Unfortunately the biggest changes are the ones you canít see but the code is looking and running much better. The new year is looking bright!

Dev Blog 06

In the 6th blog for The Goblin Abyss, Rich talks about some of the new particle effects that have been added to the game. Utilizing a few lightmapping tricks, the effects are included in a way that is compatible with iPhone 4.

Dev Blog 05

In the 5th installment of the blog, Rich talks about the improvements he has made to the combat animations. With the addition of some improved transitions, the barbarian attack animations are much more fluid.

Dev Blog 04

In this video, we introduce the newest and biggest creature in the Goblin Abyss, our first boss character. The stone golem is set to be the boss for the first level and it is a great conclusion to our first complete level!

Dev Blog 03

In this video, Rich talks about the lightmaps and how the levels are created using Unity and 3D modeling software (he uses Maya). Showing tile based level assets, Rich walks us through the process of building environments that are low enough polygon count to run smoothly on iPhone.

Dev Blog 02

In our second video blog, Rich talks about polygon counts and rig tests. When working with iOS there is a concern about the number of polygons that can be displayed on screen. On lower end iOS devices, too many polygons on screen can cause frame dropping and performance issues. In this video blog, Rich shows the testing he has done to ensure that the Goblin Abyss will run smoothly on most iOS devices. He also walks us through some of the controls that make his animation rigs so popular with animators.

Dev Blog 01

The Goblin Abyss is a RPG in development for iOS. This first post is a brief overview of the game and an introduction to who we are and why we do what we do. Check out our blog at for updates and for rigging tutorials and more.